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First Response Workshops


First Response Workshops help owners do just that – provide the right first response when their horse gets sick or injured.

Doing the right thing at the right time is critical to the success of the outcome for your horse when he gets sick or injured.

Horse owners have told us over and over that they didn’t know what to do when their horse became sick or injured, that they were unprepared.

We also see so many horses whose owners send them to us because they can no longer give them injections, who won’t take medication or who won’t allow wound care or other treatment.

At our first response workshops horse owners learn what is normal and what is not. They learn how to communicate with their Vets in a way that helps the Vet prioritise care. Owners learn how to manage the treatment/care plan once the Vet has gone home and when to get them back.

We teach them how to give injections and medications in ways that are easy and don’t leave psychological scars on the horse or the human! We show them how to get their horse back to optimal function post injury or illness. We also give horse owners information on how to save money throughout the journey whilst giving them the best care.

These workshops give horse owners a great deal of confidence and save them money when the inevitable happens.


Upcoming Workshops:

 If you would like to host a workshop, send us an email or give us a call on 0408 554 823.


Equine E Care - Online Learning

How to Get Your Horse Back on Track Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars Even If You Are A Beginner


Our name says it all. Care for sick and injured horses but through Electronic means.

Amanda Edwards has been caring for sick and injured horses for the past 7 years through her Equine Care Clinic.

The Equine Care Clinic has a focus on getting horses well again following an acute injury or illness. We look after a wide range of cases – from simple laminitis, horses injured in more ways we thought possible – floats, fences, becoming cast, falling over, getting kicked, through to post surgery care and complex medical problems.

After establishing hands on workshops to teach others the basics of caring for sick or injured horses Amanda was soon being asked by many more people to share her knowledge and expertise.

That’s where Equine E-Care comes in. What better way is there than through the internet.

Equine E-Care means that no matter where in the world you are you too can tap into what has become an incredible depth of knowledge and skill and learn how to take better care of your horse.


Bandaging and simple wound care

5 lessons + extras

  • Bandaging Hocks, hooves and other tricky bits
  • Cleaning and caring for wounds




Buy both and save 20%

Yours to keep for whenever you need






Giving injections and other medicines

7 lessons + extras

  • Intramuscular injections
  • Eye medicines
  • Oral medicines
  • Things that can go wrong