Wound Care Bundles

Bandaging bundle

Bandaging Bundle 1

Stretchy Net and Zinc Bandage ( Elastoplast) 

Stretchy net, can hold anything in place anywhere. Added to the zinc bandage you can manage most tricky situations.

HOrses wound bundle

Wound Bundle 1

Bactigras and Melolin

Bactigras and melolin the basis of good wound management in your horse.

Healthy Horse Bundle  & Kits

Healthy Horse Bundle

Bandaging Bundle 1

Stethoscope and Thermometer

A thermometer and a stethoscope so you can see just how healthy your horse is and then know when he is sick.

Horse First Aid Kit

A complete kit

Our horse aid kits have everything you need to manage most emergencies. Watch the video for all the inclusions

Horse Aid and Trail Kits

Lite Horse Aid Kit

Horse first Aid Kit Lite

Stethoscope and Thermometer

We recognise that some horse owners have some of the things we include in the larger versions which is why we developed the Light Kit.

If you want to know exactly what's inside click on the Buy Now button whre there is a list.

Horse Trail Aid Kit

Watch the video to find out what's inside.

A great kit to take with you anywhere you go riding with lots of handy inclusions to keep you safe when things go wrong.

Wound Care Products

Bactigras wound product


Pack of 6 $18.00

Bactrigras is a paraffin impregnated antiseptic dressing. It's great for the first week dressing for wounds, providing a matrix dressing that helps the body's own clotting and infection fighting cells migrate across the wound surface. The antiseptic properties help prevent infection. We use bactigras topped with Melolin for the first week of any major wound.

Melolin for horse wounds


Pack of 6 $12.00

Melolin is a non-stick dressing for wounds in the early stages. We use this either against the wound over a topical product or over bactigras. Make sure you have the shiny side against the wound. It looks like plastic, but it is porous and will stop the dressing sticking to the wound.

Mesalt for wounds


Pack of 2 $10.00

Mesalt is a dressing product that is very useful for wounds that have gone a little off track. Mesalt is used for wounds that have heavy exudate or the beginnings of proud flesh. Use for 1-2 days to remove the biofilm and keep it away from the edges. This product will help bring wounds back to healthy tissue. Comes with instructions from us on how best to use this.