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  • Manuka products

    Manuka products

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    Comvita Manuka Gel  (50g) is a top quality sterile medical grade manuka honey. Buying Manuka honey can be confusing because there are two ways of grading. However, we have found this to be very suitable for wound care. It meets the medical grade requirement whilst coming in an easy to store and use tube reducing contamination of the product. Manuka honey is a great product to use day 3 onwards on the horse's wound. It has a couple of actions. Manuka honey cleans the wound because its high sugar content draws the bacteria and debris into it. It has antibacterial properties and will kill and inhibit bacterial growth where there are low loads of bacteria. Manuka provides a moist healing environment that helps the body's cells heal itself. This is one of the products we would use most frequently in straightforward wound care.