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  • First Response Book - Hardcopy or E-Version

    First Response Book - Hardcopy or E-Version

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    First Response – A practical Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse is the most current and relevant guide to caring for a horse when things go wrong. It is the culmination of research and information gathered from case studies, Veterinary texts and articles translated into a user friendly, easy to understand reference guide for any horse owner. If you are serious about doing the right thing for your horse when the unexpected happens, then this is the book for you.

    Horse owners today are strongly connected to their horses and want the best for them. However, horses are not part of our usual day to day life as they once were, and many recreational horse owners have little or no knowledge of what to do when their horse gets sick or injured. Additionally, much of the information available is not based on research or science but tradition or ‘how it’s always been done’.

    Having 25 years’ experience looking after people facing the most traumatic events of their lives and spending all my life with horses, I have  converted the very latest in trauma and wound care management from human to horse arena via our work at the Equine Care Clinic.

    I noticed that there was a significant lack of knowledge of emergency and wound care for horses with horse owners lacking the confidence to administer treatments themselves.

    Horse owners told me that they didn’t have the right set up, the time, the knowledge, skills or confidence to look after their horses when things go wrong.

    So I set about changing this. We created the Equine Care Clinic to care for sick or injured horses when their owners weren’t able to. Along with developing a purpose built facility I also began to teach horse owners HOW TO techniques through a series of workshops and short talks.

    We developed a framework for horse owners to think about care. Whatever the health problem facing the horse owner the framework for managing the condition is the same.

    First Response - A Guide To Caring For Your Sick or Injured Horse is a great resource for every horse owner.  The book, along with our online learning programs will set you up for success when things go wrong.

    Happy horsing!