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Episode Nine - Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Group - Pauline Naudi talks practical strategies for management

Pauline Naudi is a first responder for the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Group.  Pauline is a Veterinary Nurse and Equine Acupressure Therapist.  She started her journey with Cushings when she came across Jack, her cheeky little pony.  Pauline had two horses with Cushings, Jack and Spur, and found it difficult to get good information on how to best manage a horse with Cushings.  Then she found the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Group which she has been part of ever since.  Pauline has a wealth of knowledge on the topic and this interview covers what to do and where to go if you think your horse has Cushings.  Incredibly practical and helpful interview.

Here's some helpful links:

EIRCG - https://ecir.groups.io/g/main (the new link) and http://ecirhorse.org/ (still current)
Hay testing: http://equi-analytical.com/
Audio Link: http://bit.ly/1VGEsqB



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