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Ever had a time when you spent a whole day prepping your horse for an event only to get up the next morning to find he WILL NOT get on that float?    In this episode I talk to resident horse trainer extraordinaire Steve Brinkworth on how to get your horse to love the float.  We cover refusing to get on, rushing off, scrambling and much more.  A really, really useful episode!! 

Complete the form below to access 2 videos showing Steve training floating in 2 different horses.  The video with Forest has a bit of wind noise and might be best watched with the sound turned down!  Note the time spent training moving and leading before even heading over to the float.    You’ll also note the use of the rope to train the feel of the breaching doors against the horses hind.  The second video you can hear Steve explaining what he is doing with Cervaza.


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You can contact Steve at www.stevebrinkworth.com or connect on Facebook at horsemanship essentials



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