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Rug sores and the high withered horse

Amanda Edwards - Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Wither sores from rug friction?  Here’s a cool tip to get the pressure off the area you’ll love.

In the South Eastern States of Australia we’re almost at the end of winter.  This is often the time when horses have changed shape and the rugs rub on the withers and shoulders.  These can cause nasty sores which is why it’s important to take rugs off at least once a week winter.

We have an elderly retiree on the property called Fred.  Fred’s a 28 year old TB with a very high wither.  Earlier in the year he was doing poorly and we thought it might be his time.  With a bit of TLC he’s done well though and has steadily gained weight and health.  This week it rained most days and I suspect the rug got wet around the edges.  When we took it off we found this nasty sore underneath.

Now, ideally we’d leave the rug off but we’re near Ballarat – it’s cold, he’s old and not in good enough condition to cope with no rugs.  

A bit too light on for no rugs.  And you can see how high his withers are!

So here’s what we did after cleaning with normal saline.

We got a bib with a nice bit sheepskin down the middle.  Then I cut off the feet of a pair of stockings and filled them with some rags to make a couple of bolsters and sewed them either side.

Once in position it kept the pressure off the top of the wither

Like so!

Then we put a polar fleece and light doona rug over the top

Worked a treat.  2 days later and pretty much healed over.  He’s certainly most comfortable.  This is the sort of thing we will do to protect bony areas under bandages used in wound care too.  Simple, cheap and very effective!

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Happy horsing!

Cheers, Amanda

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