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About Us

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Our name says it all. We are a clinic that cares about and for horses – sick and injured ones as a general rule.

We do recovery care and focus on getting horses well again following an acute injury or illness. We have looked after a wide range of cases – from simple laminitis, horses injured in more ways we thought possible – floats, fences, becoming cast, falling over, getting kicked, through to post surgery care and complex medical problems.

We generally work with horses that people love and care about and that suits us well because we love and care about them too!

We are a family business so let us introduce you to the family!

Amanda Edwards is the Director and senior care planner. Amanda has 25 years’ experience as a nurse caring for sick and injured people and has had horses all her life. Her nursing experience in some of the busiest emergency departments honed her clinical skills to a highly regarded level. Amanda later went on to manage Emergency Departments and then hospitals in Victoria.

Amanda has a number of qualifications including a master of health service management, post graduate diploma of emergency nursing and midwifery, certificates in wound and stomal care along with certificate in equine guided education. She regularly undertakes equine related workshops and studies and has spent the past 8 years learning training methods that keep horses calm under pressure.

Don Edwards is co director. Don is not a born and bred horse person but he has learned a lot along the way. Don’s view is if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Don has an amazing empathy with all animals and they are naturally drawn to them. He calls it his animal magnetism but we all think it’s because of his consistent and calm manner with them, not to mention the feed he gives them each day. Don is in charge of feeding and monitoring during the day. He’s also in charge of maintenance and building projects. Don is a coach builder by trade and keeps himself busy these days fixing and servicing horse floats with his side business Total Care Float Repair.

Ebony Edwards is our daughter. At 24 years old she has achieved quite a bit in her life. Ebony was Captain of the Equestrian program at Hamilton Alexandra College where she boarded during her school years and achieved the highest score in the state for her Certificate II in Equine Studies.

Ebony worked with the amazing horse trainer Steve Brinkworth. She not only completed his Horse Starting Course but subsequently also became an assistant for subsequent programs. This has given her a range of horse handling skills that ensure our patients are handled calmly and with care.

Ebony completed the first year of Veterinary Bioscience before swapping to a Degree in Paramedic/Nursing. She also worked as a Veterinary Nurse with a farming/ equine focus.

Ebony assists with medical and nursing care of our horsey patients.