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First Response Workshop - Mt Wallace Friday

Date: 18-Oct-2019
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)


Here's more about what's covered in a First Response Workshop:

Every horse owner knows the sinking feeling you get when you find your horse sick or injured.  Often you’re not sure of what to do and the questions are endless…..

Do I need the Vet or not?

 Is this healing properly or not?  How do I bandage that? 

What’s the best dressing, ointment, medicine to use?

How do I know if he’s getting worse or not?

Will my horse get better?

When can I bring him back into work?

And then, everyone wants to give you advice……….some of it useful and most of it not!

Next, you are left to deliver the treatment and this might include giving injections, changing dressings, monitoring vital signs………..

Yep, convincing your 500kg horse that you really are there to help can be tricky.

My name is Amanda Edwards and I’m the managing director of the Equine Care Clinic, a business dedicated to empowering horse owner to give their horse the best of care when things go wrong.

Our First Response Workshop is a one day workshop that gives you all the critical information to feel confident in knowing what to do when your horse gets sick or injured. 

It’s based on my book, First Response – A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse written to give horse owners up to date and relevant information.

Over the course of the day you will learn:

  • Normal and abnormal temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and how to take them properly
  • When to call the Vet
  • Administration of intramuscular injections.  Learn how to give them without creating a needle phobic horse.  (practice session included)
  • Practical oral medication administration
  • Wound first aid and ongoing management

With a mix of theory and practical sessions you will gain confidence and knowledge.

Time and time again our workshop attendees report back on their achievements.  Take Rae for example.  Rae came out one morning to find that their very special older horse had been pushed through a fence by one of his mates.  He had a massive wound in his chest.  She said “I felt sick when I saw it and thought I don’t know if I can do this.  Then I heard your voice in my head”.  Rae’s vet was initially not going to stitch the wound given its size but Rae remembered what we talked about at the workshop and asked her to give it a go.  The wound was sutured and a drain put in.  Rae then cleaned it and cared for it using the knowledge gained at the workshop.  The stitches came out a couple of weeks later and it had healed in record time.  Rae’s Vet was impressed.  Rae saved several follow up visits as she knew what to do and what she was looking at.  The whole episode cost her a whole lot less than it might have if she didn’t have the skills and knowledge she now did.

“Everything discussed was relevant, it was invaluable” Lynne, Vic

“I enjoyed all of it but really enjoyed the hands on work…you use the simplest ways and it works amazing” Georgia Vic,

“Could save a horse’s life, makes wound care easy to do and less phobia about injections” Trish, Vic

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Everything is provided for you on the day to undertake the practical sessions.  You also take away a copy of the book First Response - a Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured Horse.

An investment of $225 will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Register before 11th October, 2019 and pay only $195.  Contact us for special rates for 2 registrations from the same family or payment plans.

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